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For Aussie eCommerce Owners:

Want to make more profit and  win your life back?

to spend more time with your family and friends outside of work
while your ecommerce business runs like clockwork is cooler.

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We help family-founded eCommerce businesses grow from $15k to $150K and even $500K+ a month. We install the same strategies into your business, that we’re using to grow 100+ brands.

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We’ve put together the most powerful community in Australia of eCommerce owners just like yourself, who want to work with us to grow their brands sustainably and profitably – without giving up time for important things outside of work.

Get hands-on guidance from a team with 20+ years of experience growing eCommerce brands at a high-level to cut through the chaos and make sure your business gets the guidance it needs.

We believe that as your business gets better, so should your life.

This Is
for You If

Chris McLean eCommerce Circle Coaching

You’re time-poor, trying to juggle running your business on top of being a super mum, dad, husband, wife, partner and all of your other responsibilities.

You’re burning out from putting in 60+ hour shifts every week just to run a business that makes little profit.

You love your product and you know it has monster potential, but aren’t sure on what the next steps are to realise it.

You don’t have time to learn how to do everything, but would love experts to get in and do the heavy lifting for you.

You have high aspirations for your brand and want to take out an income during the growth process.

You want to sell your business in a few years to set you up for retirement, buy a house or invest into your next venture.

This is How the
Circle community
crushes it…

We take the guesswork out of your success roadmap.

We analyse every brand we work with from top to bottom – and implement the 4 Foundational Pillars of sustainable & profitable growth that your business needs to generate the income and life you desire.


Create crystal clear messaging that resonates with your audience and lets you stand out in an ocean of other businesses.

High-Converting Site

Use our proven framework to develop a Website truly built to convert visitors into paying customers.

Digital Strategy

Don’t waste another cent – develop a rock-solid strategy for driving traffic to your store and become profitable with all your advertising.

Financial Strategy

Break down the numbers side of your business and start nailing your profit and income goals.

We’re Not
Your Average

Paul Warren eCommerce Circle Coaching

Unlike other communities – we become the brains trust in your corner.

If you want ‘get-rich-quick hacks’, or ‘overnight success strategies’ this isn’t the community for you.

We’re here for growth, not just ideas.


If you’ve ever felt stuck or alone while running your store, trust me when I say that you’re not alone.

We built this community to help people just like you who are on the same journey, so that together, you can all succeed and no one ever gets left behind.

Connect & Learn from 6, 7 & 8-Figure Store Owners

Get Answers From Our Network of MARKETING & ECOMM Experts

Join LIVE WEEKLY insite sessions & ESSENTIAL topic deep dives

Save THE Time, Money & STRESS OF TRYING TO Figure It Out Yourself

What Kind 
of People
Belong in our

eCommerce Business Owners

Family-Founded Store Owners

Highly-Coachable Individuals

Those Eager to Grow Fast, in a Safe way

Massive Action-Takers

No A-Holes Allowed, Sorry!

Led By Marketing & E-Comm Experts

Paul Warren

8-Figure EComm Owner & head coach
Founder & CEO, Insiteful Group

Paul has run many successful online businesses since 1998. He sold his eCommerce business, Warcom, to an ASX company in 2014 .

He started Insiteful in 2015, following a deep desire to help other Aussie businesses make more money. He loves his family, his friends & his animals.

He’s an also avid investor in many projects and doesn’t have an off switch (and you’ll always find him wearing his infamous black t-shirt).

Chris McLean

Partner, cpo, Insiteful Group

Chris has been running digital agencies since 2002, working with major global brands such as Schweppes, Coca-Cola, Blackberry, Peroni UK, Nintendo, and Etihad Airways.

Chris has also been coaching business owners on marketing strategy, peak performance & habit optimisation since 2019, and he joined Insiteful as Partner & Head of Strategy in 2021.

Chris brings 20+ years of experience & experimentation (plus a love for his fur family of a dog and 4 cats) to his role as Chief Product Officer, leading our program and coaching development initiatives for the eCommerce Circle community.

Andee Sellman

40-Year Business Consultant
Partner, cfo, Insiteful Group

Andee had a corporate career as the Finance Director of BTR Nylex Ltd, a 7 billion dollar listed company. He then became CEO of a 1 billion dollar operating division of BTR Nylex Ltd before moving into the family business space, where he has been assisting family businesses commercially for over 20 years.

He has invented and commercialised a method for understanding the financials of a business called The Financial Fence® and often uses his modelling expertise to diagnose issues in businesses and find solutions quickly. He has a passion for nature and walks 80 km per week as part of a rest & rhythm lifestyle. He has been married to Fran for 43 years with two children, Dean and Stefanie.

Olga Shchur

eCommerce marketing expert
Digital Strategist & coach

Olga is a senior digital executive with over 18 years of international marketing experience covering strategic planning and delivery of large scope digital campaigns, websites and digital services across several countries and continents.

She is a determined strategist with extensive experience in leading digital transformation and growth in large multicultural companies, an analytical thinker passionate about digital space and delivering work to the highest standard. Olga has worked at notable brands such as L’Oréal, Swiss line by Dermalab S.A, and SILK LAUNDRY.

Rod Schneider

Experienced IT & Business Consultant

Rod is an Enterprise Architect and Entrepreneur who has integrated and automated online software and digital marketing campaigns for many Australian businesses and charities, including Telstra, CGU, Australia Post, Vision Australia, and the Australian Children’s Television Foundation.

Rod founded Breakthru Marketing in 2010, an agency that delivered web apps, websites, and SEO, and joined Insiteful and the eCommerce Circle team in 2023.

Rod is passionate about First Nations rights and telling their stories, has been married to his wife Karen for 19 years, and is Dad to two amazing teenagers.

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